Firing of tear-gas grenades during demonstrations in Iran

Tear gas grenades were fired on Sunday night to disperse anti-government protests in Iran, and at least one person was injured, according to videos circulating Monday on social networks.

Rallies took place Sunday for the second night in a row after the iranian armed forces have come to recognize that the flight PS572 of Ukraine International Airlines, which crashed on January 8, after sti takeoff from Tehran, was shot down by a missile fired “by mistake”, while the defence of the country was in a state of alert level ” war ” by fear of an american attack.

A few hours before the tragedy, Iran had fired missiles at two bases housing us troops in Iraq, in response to the death of the 3 January in a shooting drone us of the powerful general iranian Qassem Soleimani in Baghdad.

The announcement of The responsibility of the armed forces in the crash has created a wave of indignation in the country.

According to videos circulating on social networks, the crowd seemed to sing slogans against the authorities on the famous Azadi (” freedom “) in Tehran.

Several videos, including some shared by the Center for human rights in Iran –an NGO based in New York– appear to show protesters screaming and disperse and that tear gas grenades are fired in the middle of a compact crowd on the street Azadi, which leads to the square.

The AFP could not independently verify the time and location exact of these videos, often shared via Telegram or other messaging services. However, the AFP has found no trace of these videos on the internet prior to their publication these last few days.

In one video, a woman appears to have fallen on the sidewalk, covered with blood, and is raised by a number of persons, some shoutings, ” we shot him “, ” think of the (wound) “.

On the other, published as images of a protest in the city of Amol, in the Caspian sea, one can see a crowd through the streets shoutings ” we don’t want the islamic Republic “.

Saturday evening, the State television had made mention of a demonstration in Tehran, noting that the protesters had chanted slogans ” antirégime “.

For several days, Iran had denied the thesis of the missile is advanced by several countries as early as the evening of the crash. On Monday, Iran has denied any attempt to stifle the case.

After the revelation by the armed forces of their responsibility, a rally was held Saturday evening in tribute to the victims of the crash at the Amir Kabir University of Tehran.

This gathering is transformed into a manifestation of wrath which was attended by hundreds of students, according to AFP reporters who went to cover the vigil.