Fortnite carbide at 120 FPS on the iPad Pro 2018

The two iPad Pro released in 2018 are still under the pedal. These are apparently the only devices except the PC — to offers a display of Fortnite , which takes 120 frames per second, neither the consoles or Android devices, or iPhone, furthermore, are only able to offer (they are all blocked between 30 and 60 FPS).

Boom, 120 frames per second.

This new feature, delivered today by means of the version 11.40 of the game, gives a great fluidity in the game — players say that it can help you win the game… but this is not done without burdening the battery gold reduce the quality of the graphics. In the settings, switch to 120 FPS toggles the quality of the game ” average “. It is a delicate balance to be found between fluidity and graphics.

Epic puts the iOS devices in the priority when it comes to increase the frequency of display of their game ! The iPhone XR and XS/XS-Max were the first to benefit from the 60 FPS, the iPad Pro 2018 who quickly followed behind. In addition, the latest update of the game improves the controls to joystick, with the support of the buttons of joysticks, is compatible on iOS 13.

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