Francky Vincent : acid Injections to the face, check out her new look !

Smile, it’s good… but it leaves traces ! Francky Vincent, whose good mood is contagious since the year 1975 – and his first album, Ambition – has made the costs. This is why he has revealed, on his account Facebook, have had recourse to a small surgical. “It is necessary to suffer to be beautiful. I want to grow old in peace with my head and my body so that my charm is fleeting remains, “says the singer, 63-year-old with ease. My songs have not taken a ride, I do the same.” And actually, on social networks, he has also revealed in several stages, all three shots that he endured on the face, in order to offer a helping fees.

It would have been a shame to start this decade with the scowled. Quite the contrary, Francky Vincent has lost ten years ! “New year, new mouth, “he continued. I smile often in order to exorcised my wrinkles. And I thought that I needed to smoothes your skin. A glimpse of my head dug up in the morning the alarm clock did not give me not want to walk in the sun. Also, some resolutions were needed.” No news, however, is that a potential new album. Since 2018, and his amazing duo with Eve Angeli on the seventeen tracks of the Pair of the century, the artist guadeloupean has not played his voice from the sun. To each his priorities.

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