Frederic Beigbeder : “If men fuck politely, women will get bored”

With The man who was crying of laughter, Frédéric Beigbeder is back with his alter ego, Octave Parango, twenty years after the release of the novel, 99 francs. The opportunity for the writer to come back on several burning issues.

His character is always inclined to criticize the capitalist society to which he contributes largely, and the author speaks of the Yellow Vests as #MeToo. A difficult exercise it subjects still as hot as the first day. “The whole misfortune of men comes from the fact that Harvey Weinstein was not able to stay alone to rest in his room“, one can read in the novel, as reported by Madame Figaro. “I’m tired of the term ‘masculinity is toxic’, said, for his part, Frédéric Beigbeder, I think that it is necessary to correct our defects of machismo and invent new codes to love. But not stigmatize the manhood the whole day.” And to argue that “the sexual act is a gesture of animal, sometimes domineering“, ensuring that “the nature is so made“. “If men fuck politely, women will get bored.

And if the writer of 54 years, which is again, a little, the headlines for stis attitudes out of control recalls that, as a dad, it is for the denunciation of the perpetrators, it calls for yet to turn to the police rather than to the Internet or the press. The writer, director, screenwriter and actor Frédéric Beigbeder has had a daughter with his wife, the supermodel swiss Lara Micheli, born may 10, 2018. The couple had already had the small Oona 2015. Beigbeder is also the father of Chloë, born in 1999, from her relationship with Delphine Valette.

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