Ghost Canyon, the new NUC modular Intel

At a time when Apple rediscovers the virtues of modularity with the Mac Pro, Intel digs the furrow of the NUC (Next Unit of Computing, in all simplicity), these desktop computers little bigger than a box of iPhone… ok, let’s say two. This format of mini-PC popularized in 2012 by the founder has been compared to the Mac mini, although the power of Apple is larger than a NUC standard. The principle is also a little different, Intel, leaving a broad place to the “do it yourself “: if the NUC can be sold ” ready to use “, this design has been designed to be easy to hack… They can even turn into a hackintosh !

The processor can be replaced with a little elbow grease.

The company has launched during THESE a new generation, which presents itself jauntily as a competitor to the towers office, while maintaining a compact size such that it is always possible to walk easily in a backpack. The Ghost Canyon, aka NUC 9 Extreme, takes up more space than its predecessors with its volume of 5 litres, but it wins in at least two plans : the processor can be replaced, as the graphics card. Has RTX 2070 Nvidia can find a place in the box, as advertised by Asus.

The modular design of the motherboard, dubbed the Intel Compute Element, allows you to change the processor in two shots spoon pot (and a turn of the screwdriver). The manufacturer already offers three Core 10th generation : Core i5-9300H (from 1 for $ 199), Core i7-9750H (1 299 $) and Core-i9-9980H (1 799 $), this little world with an integrated card (Intel UHD Graphics 630), 8 Gb of RAM DDR4 and 128 Gb of SSD. Slots M. 2, and SO-DIMMS make it possible to expand the storage and the ram. The case includes its own power supply.

The Tomahawk of Razer.

Intel will launch the marketing of the Ghost Canyon in march, while other manufacturers will embrace this format. This is the case of Razer, who has unveiled a desktop computer under its own brand (a first), the Tomahawk. Although the housing is larger than the Ghost Canyon, the specialist in gaming is technology-based Compute Element.

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