Gigi Hadid : Sworn-in potential at the trial of Harvey Weinstein

It is far from the podiums that is currently Gigi Hadid. The model of 24-year-old was seen going in and out of court, Manhattan, on Monday, 13 January 2020. Like all american citizens, it is on the list of potential jurors during trial and was drawn to the one ofHarvey Weinstein.

They are 120 potential jurors to be heard by judge James Burke. This last one will have to select the twelve, as well as six alternates from here to next week. The jurors must be impartial and must be cut off from the world, to not influence their final decision until the end of the trial.

“I met the accusé”, said the bomb at judge Burke, before adding that she knew some of the victims, such as Salma Hayek, who has accusé Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment, reports the NY Daily News. “I believe I can still keep an open mind on the facts”, added the dummy when he was questioned about his impartiality. Gigi will therefore be recalled on Thursday by the court for another selection. It is good however to remember that one of her best friends, Cara Delevingne, has also accusé Harvey Weinstein of the to have affected and have asked personal questions about her sex life.

The trial of Harvey Weinstein, 67, opened on January 6, 2020 and is expected to last until early march. The magnate of the movie is accusé of sexual assault by two women : one remained anonymous – claiming that he raped her in 2013 ; the other – a production assistant – accusing him of him to have done cunnilingus forced in 2006. Dozens of other women had testified to assaults by Weinstein, a large portion of them having found a financial agreement, to the tune of $ 25 million.

Harvey Weinstein is proclaiming sti innocence , and liable to prison sentences.

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