Google is going to bury definitively the Chrome Apps

Google completely drop the Chrome Apps, these web apps who operated the engine of Chrome, purpose had their own window and some features are similar to the apps native (management of off-line, notifications…).

The Chrome Apps in 2013 on Mac

The announcement of The day relates to any particular Chrome OS, the section dedicated to the Chrome Apps in the Chrome Web Store is closed from 2017 on Mac, Linux and Windows.

From march on, the Chrome Web Store will no longer accept new Chrome Apps (developers can still update their apps, existing until June 2022). In June, the Chrome Apps will no longer be supported on Mac, Linux and Windows, with the exception of customers Chrome Enterprise and Chrome Education Upgrade that will have a stay of six months.

In June 2021, this is the API NaCl, PNaCl and PPAPI, used by Chrome Apps, which will be discontinued. That same month, the Chrome Apps will no longer be supported on Chrome OS (with a suspended sentence of one year for the customers of the sectors of the business and education).

“Installation” of a PWA from Chrome.

The abandonment of Chrome Apps is not going to let great vacuum. These fake apps native are gradually replaced by web apps become more advanced. Since last year, Chrome on Mac can recreate the equivalent of Chrome Apps : web apps advanced (also known as PWA), such as Twitter, can be “exported” of Chrome, to have their own window and shortcuts. Users Chromebook can also rely on the compatibility of Android apps with their system.

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