Harry and Meghan : no, that ' s all!

I had a dream that weird.

François Legault was the national Assembly to adopt a motion calling for the abolition of the constitutional monarchy in Canada and its replacement by a republic.

It triggered a formal obligation to negotiate imposed in Ottawa and the other provinces by the Reference re secession of Quebec enacted by the supreme Court in 1998.

Until now, no provincial government has availed itself of this opportunity to force of the constitutional negotiations. He is joined by other applications.

I joke, I don’t have that dream.

Not simple

The possibility that I mention is still very real, and has recently been the subject of a fascinating book, an eminent constitutionalist André Binette.

Of course, this will not happen.

The government Legault, who has a lot of irons in the fire, is absolutely not interested by a turmoil in the political-constitutional.

In Quebec, the dominant feeling towards the british monarchy is a mixture of indifference, amusement, annoyance, and hostility.

We forget, too, that these parasites subsidized are the trappings of our colonial status.

We were invaded, conquered and subjected by a foreign power of which they are descendants.

In English Canada, it is another thing. Harry, William and all these unnecessary endimanchés have a real capital of sympathy… for as much as they understand their place and stick to them.

I hesitated to broach the subject.

In fact, one can find that the “Megxit” is a subject that is as light as cotton fleece of Catherine Dorion.

Aim sometimes there are subjects that, in their seemingly futile, raise substantive issues.

In the case of cotton fleece, it was : the personal tastes sufficient to depart from the traditions that have a reason to be ?

In the case of the ” Megxit “, that is : should Canada accommodate permanently two members of the royal family, who they say aim for the financial autonomy, purpose which does not intend to waive any of the privileges that come with their status ?

One feels the embarrassment of the Trudeau government, while our beautiful, Justin, who has the inclinations of a prince, must envy secretly the life style of these Kardashian crowned.

Yes, there is the problem of the ongoing expenses of security that the canadian taxpayer should have to assume.

Goal there’s more.


Harry and Meghan are not tourists, purpose permanent residents are still members of the royal family.

It would break a constitutional convention of long standing.

In Canada, not only there is no aristocracy hereditary, like in Britain, but it is the governor general representing the monarchy.

If Harry and Meghan have family problems – who doesn’t ? –, we want to fix them, but I see absolutely no reason why Canadians should bear the consequences.

We are no more in 1890. Permanent residents ? Trudeau should say no, simply.

For a rare time, I agree with the Globe and Mail. Goal Justin didn t dare.

Harry will show him her beautiful costumes officer. Justin is going to hide for the try.