Harry and William come out of the silence : together, they dismantle the rumors

United in the face of adversity ? As they prepare to boost the queen Elizabeth and prince Charles at Sandringham for a crisis meeting, the prince William and prince Harry have published a new release surprise this January 13, 2020. A short message which seeks to deny any rumor of a feud between the two brothers.

In spite of denials, that is clear, a false story circulated in the English newspapers today and speculates on the relationship between the duke of Sussex and duke of Cambridge. For brothers who pay a profound attention to issues related to mental health, this use of inflammatory language is offensive and potentially dangerous.” This news follows a recent rumor claiming that prince Harry and Meghan Markle have decided to take their distances with their regal lifestyle in particular because of the behavior of prince William. Year article has asserted that the husband of Kate Middleton would have had an “attitude intimidating” towards his little brother and his sister-in-law.

In the wake of this, other sources have firmly denied these new allegations against prince William. Failing to be angry against his brother, the British 37-year-old would be especially “saddened” by this situation. Thus, it is in a family, in a limited circle, that the queen, prince Charles, William and Harry will try to find the best solution to this delicate situation, which unleashes the passions outre-Manche. Left to find his his Archie (8 months) in Canada last week, Meghan Markle is expected to join the conversation by phone.

The crisis meeting comes five days after prince Harry and his wife have announced to be willing to give up their status as senior royal family to become “financially independent“. While keeping their titles and one football in England to serve the Crown, the Sussex would like to develop as a private activity, especially in North America. After having already filed the trademark Sussex in June 2019, Meghan Markle and Harry could start a new empire and win a fortune thanks to their notoriety. A project that will certainly be at the heart of the closed-door meeting on Monday.

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