IKEA delays the support HomeKit for its stores

You probably won’t be too surprised to learn that IKEA is in arrears on support HomeKit for one of its products. The blinds pull-down connected to the giant of the furniture had been promised initially to February 2019, they are finally out in September. They were not then compatible with HomeKit, goal, IKEA has promised an update for the beginning of the year 2020.

It is there, and even if a few users have received an update from the bridge with the addition of blinds to HomeKit, the majority is still waiting. This is normal, the british branch of the company has indicated to a user on Twitter that the compatibility HomeKit has been delayed. In question, a bug found in the update, which appeared in the beginning of the month and that must be corrected before formalizing stis deployment, and at the same time, the addition of blinds to the app Home.

According to the testimonies of those who managed to install the update, this new version can fully block the compatibility HomeKit products TRÅDFRI. In short, this is not the first time that IKEA has a late start, it will take sti troubles patiently…

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