Impeachment: the Senate receives the indictment of Trump, the trial will start

After weeks of waiting, the House of representatives will vote Wednesday to send the Senate the indictment that she was held against Donald Trump, the ultimate step before the start of the trial by impeachment of the republican president.

The president democrat in the Chamber and main opponent of Donald Trump in the Congress, Nancy Pelosi, announced Tuesday after a closed-door meeting with his elect that the indictment would be finally passed Wednesday in the Senate, republican majority, after a final vote in the plenary session of the lower house.

It must first announce at 10 a. m. who are the ” prosecutors designated “, these elected democrats of the House are loaded in a first time to cross the Capitol to bring the indictment to the upper chamber.

After the historic vote in the House on 18 December, at which time the charges of abuse of power and obstructing the smooth running of the Congress have been held against Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi failed to pass the indictment to the Senate in the hope to obtain guarantees on the organization of a trial ” fair “.

The leader of the republicans in the Senate, Mitch McConnell indicated Tuesday that he would “in all probability” before the end of the week the “preliminary steps” at the opening of the trial, including the swearing-in of senators in front of the chief justice of the supreme Court of the United States John Roberts.

“We hope to achieve this in a consensual way, which would really start the trial next Tuesday,” added the loyal support of Donald Trump, determined to get out as quickly as the president of this difficult time.

“Why, Nancy, the nerve and the corrupt politician Adam Schiff the trickster are we not granted a fair trial in the House ? “, has moved the republican president in a tweet on Tuesday night, faithful to his line of defence that has seen it including qualify this procedure against ” coup “.

At a rally Tuesday evening in Wisconsin, the president denounced the behavior of the democrats.

“While we create jobs and kill the terrorists, the democrats in Congress are wasting their time in America with deceptions, wild and witch-hunts foolish “, he launched to his supporters.

“Serious facts “

The opposition is convinced that the president has used the resources of the State to put pressure on Ukraine to conduct an investigation on the democrat Joe Biden, her potential opponent in the presidential election of November.

They accuse him in particular of having frozen military assistance crucial to countries in armed conflict with its Russian neighbour, in order to achieve sti purposes.

The republicans, who block around Donald Trump, condemn, them, a “witch-hunt” without merit, nourished, according to them, by the aversion of the opposition to this president atypical.

The democrats, who can count on 47 votes (out of 100) in the Senate, are aware that they have virtually no chance of obtaining the removal of the former business man in new york, a two-thirds majority being necessary.

But they hope to uncover information embarrassing to Donald Trump.

New twist Tuesday, the democrat Adam Schiff, who was the head of the investigation into the impeachment in the lower House and is expected to lead the team of elected officials in charge of the prosecution in the Senate, has unveiled unpublished documents damning, according to him Donald Trump.

They consist, in particular, of records of telephone conversation of Lev Parnas, an American of Ukrainian origin, who would have worked alongside Rudy Giuliani, counsel for the u. s. president to put pressure on the Ukrainian government to investigate its potential rival Joe Biden.

These documents “show that there is more evidence for the project of the president, but they were hidden by the president himself,” according to Mr. Schiff.

The democrats blame Donald Trump not to pass the documents essential for the proper place of the trial and to prevent of the key figures of his administration to testify.

One of them, John Bolton, train national security adviser, says he is ready to answer a summons to the Senate. But the outcome has been pushed back to later by Mitch McConnell and a consensus is not guaranteed.

Without witnesses or additional documents, ” the trial in the Senate will become a farce, a meeting on television for a mock trial “, warned Chuck Schumer, the leader of the minority democrat in the Senate.

After Andrew Johnson in 1868 and Bill Clinton in 1999, “the Senate will begin the third trial in the impeachment of a sitting president,” said the leader of the minority democratic party in the upper house, Chuck Schumer, reiterating that the allegations made against Donald Trump were ” serious “.