Inauguration democrat: uncertainty reigns ahead of the debate

The number of applications is decreasing, but we still don’t know what turn will take the race has democrat.

While the team re-election of Donald Trump is from a time already, the democratic Party is always looking that will play for the presidential election. If tonight’s debate allows only six candidates on stage, other candidates are active always, even if we don’t hear on the campus of Drake University (Des Moines, Iowa) between 21h and 23h.

In addition to the quartet of head, the last debate before the vote on the February 3, will allow Tim Steyer and Amy Klobuchar to continue their momentum. Steyer climbing slowly in the polls, while Klobuchar had offered a beautiful performance at the most recent debate.

Two potential confrontations attracted my attention and that is Bernie Sanders who is in risk of animate discussions. Sanders is progressing very well in the last few weeks, both in terms of voting intentions in the financial contributions. It is absolutely necessary to shake Joe Biden. Despite a performance in a half-hearted since the beginning, the former vice-president throne always at the top of national surveys.

Bernie Sanders has recently broken the non-aggression pact with the campaign of Elizabeth Warren. The two candidates of the progressive had never been attacked openly before the last days.

Also eager to stand out from a rival who made him of the shadow, Sanders went there for a first salvo, saying that the senator from Massachusetts was a candidate of the elite. Warren has not hesitated to replicate, blaming Bernie not to be convinced that a woman could take it away.

In addition to the clashes Sanders-Warren and Sanders-Biden, it will also be interesting to observe the angles of attack of Pete Buttigieg. The escalation of tensions recently between the United States and Iran has provided to Mayor Pete stand out from its rivals and assert his experience in the military.

As the debate will be important, as several other factors add to the uncertainty. Some situations may even come back to haunt the democratic Party on election day. Among these factors, we find the lack of diversity of candidates who are still in the race.

If, at the beginning of the process, there were a record number of candidates of color, the debate this evening does not preclude that of the Whites. When you claim to be the party of diversity and of minorities, such a situation sends the wrong message.

However, these are not the candidates strong who lacked. Among the names with a certain prestige, there were those of Corey Booker (he left yesterday), Julian Castro and Kamala Harris. If we mention the last two names as candidates for the vice-presidency, it is not guaranteed that this will be sufficient to excite minorities.

Alone, Michael Bloomberg is a factor not to be neglected. He is progressing well and ahead of multi-million. In my opinion, the billionaire is the “wild card”, the joker in this race. His opponents may well reproach him buy the presidency, he has repeatedly stressed that he is only there to ensure that Donald Trump is not re-elected.

I would add that as long as the party has not made a decision between the centrists and the progressives, Bloomberg will hang. If we are heading toward a campaign focusing on the centrists, the billionaire already has a head start on the Buttigieg and Klobuchar. Joe Biden may not be the most afford to misfire gold stumble.

I will stop here purpose, as you can see, the race democrat party is littered with pitfalls, and very clever is the one who can venture to predict the evolution of things.

Donald Trump is fierce, and his team, which is superior to that of 2016. The democrats know this and strategists chattering excitedly looking forward to. After Iowa, the month of February will be marked by votes New Hampshire, Nevada and, especially, in South Carolina. Other candidates will have dropped before march. That will always be in the race and who will be in first position? Surprises are possible! Good debate this evening!