Influenza : two regions in the epidemic phase

It advertises itself since the end of the year 2019, but it is confirmed : the flu is alive and well installed in metropolitan France. The announcement comes from the latest epidemiological bulletin of the health care agency Public Health France, responsible for analyzing the data of influenza from its network of partners and to publish the indicators resulting from the analysis of these data in the latter. It is always an ” increase in the indicators of influenza activity in metropolis “.

The Ile-de-France and Provence-Alpes-Côte d’azur crossed the cape of the epidemic phase, the eleven regions are still in the pre-epidemic. The whole of the French territory is therefore affected. In addition, the incidence rate of influenza-like illness seen in consultation of general medicine has been estimated to be 85 boxes per 100 000 inhabitants.

The Agency indicates that 5.4% of the consultations of SOS Doctors concerning the flu. A situation which remained stable compared to the first week of 2020. The number ofhospitalizations for influenza – gold influenza-like illness is slightly higher, at 4.3/1 000 inhabitants, compared with 4.1/1000 inhabitants by the end of the year). In addition, since the November 4, 135 cases of severe flu have been reported, including 22 in the second week of January. Eleven people have died.

Bulletin épidémiologique de la grippe au 15 janvier
Epidemiological Bulletin influenza from 6 to 12 January © Sentinel Network

The flu epidemic intensified already in the first week of January

The beginning of the year 2020 has not been spared by the beginnings of the flu epidemic. The awareness campaigns are in full swing, and each one remains as the alert. From 6 to 12 January 2020, the network for health surveillance Sentinels were 95 cases of influenza per 100 000 inhabitants on average in metropolitan France. Eleven of the thirteen metropolitan areas were ranked in the pre-epidemic. Only the Normandy and the Hauts de France were spared.

Grippe : onze régions en phase pré-épidémique
Epidemiological Bulletin influenza from 30 December to 5 January © Sentinel Network

Vaccination coverage is still insufficient, despite an increase recorded last year

About 135 cases of influenza a so-called “serious” Public Health in France indicates that the majority (80 boxes) were risk factors. 75% of them had completed their vaccination status and were not vaccinated. The Agency also emphasizes a prevalence of the virus in communities for older people : from week 40 (30 September to 6 October), for approximately 10 000 communities of older people identified in France, 233 episodes of grouped cases ofacute respiratory infection (ARI) have been reported.

Depending on the year, two-to-six million people are affected by the flu. The last winter (2018-2019), the epidemic has been particularly severe, despite sti short duration of eight weeks. Public health in France estimated that more than 65 600 passages to emergencies have been identified for influenza-like illness. In addition, 8 100 deaths across all ages were able to be attributed to the virus.

The seasonal flu vaccination is especially recommended for people are said to be ” fragile “ (people 65 years and older, those with a chronic disease gold severe obesity, or pregnant women).


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But if, in the course of the season 2018-2019, the vaccination coverage of the population increased (+1.2 percentage points compared to 2017-18), it is still insufficient, with less of a fragile person, two-vaccinated (46.8 per cent). Since 2012, the Inserm offers internet users residing in metropolitan France to participate in the surveillance of influenza, regardless of age, nationality and state of health, via the device ” “. Thanks to the data collected, the experts wish to better understand the risk factors associated with the flu, its spread across the French and european, the impact of the vaccination or even the behavior of the population vis-à-vis the disease.

To prevent the transmission of flu, some of the measures, other than vaccination, it is necessary :

– Wash hands regularly with soap and water or with a hydroalcoholic solution

– Cough gold sneeze into his elbow

– Use a handkerchief single-use

– Ventilate sti interior opening wide sti windows for at least 10 minutes each morning

– Wear a disposable mask when we present an influenza-like illness, in particular at the contact of fragile persons

Source : public Health France

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