Internet Explorer 5 : how Microsoft has surprised Steve Jobs prior to the announcement of Mac OS X

On 5 January 2000 at the Macworld Expo San Francisco, Steve Jobs introduces the Aqua interface of Mac OS X. A look like no other for an operating system, with its colors, frames and scratched, buttons translucent, its transparency effects and animations. Year adaptation to software of the material universe that Apple has started to create with the iMac and the iBook looks like a big candy.

Second surprise, Jobs is the demonstration of the next Internet Explorer 5 in which the interface is in the whole footprint of this new spirit chart. In his remarks, the boss of Apple (which will abandon its status as a CEO is “interim” on the same day) leaves more or less imply that the browser automatically inherits the interface characteristics of Mac OS X, while it has been originally developed for the Mac OS 8 and 9, and hardly touched it for their successor.

Internet Explorer 5, the default browser of Apple with the first Mac OS X

The reality is somewhat different, since Internet Explorer could wear this same attracts unique when we opened it on a Mac OS 8 or 9, as if the system cam with NeXT to him was no help. Mac OS X gives only the bars of the lifts in form of capsules and its buttons to control traffic on the windows. For the rest, the look of the Aqua is an original creation.

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