Iran: many of the protesters injured by the “violent” repression

Many of the protesters across Iran have been wounded by gunfire shot of the security forces on 11 and 12 January, said Wednesday Amnesty International, against the use of “unlawful force” and a “violent” repression of ” peaceful rallies “.

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Saying rely on images to be authenticated and the testimonies of victims and witnesses, the London-based NGO also said in its statement that iranian security forces have used ” balls rubberized, tear-gas and spray the pepper to disperse the protesters “.

They also used physical violence, with ” kicks, punches gold blows of the baton, and conducted arbitrary arrests “, according to Amnesty.

After two days of denials by officials of the thesis according to which a missile had been fired on the Boeing 737 of Ukraine International Airlines, the iranian armed forces have recognized Saturday is their responsibility, citing a ” human error “.

Of the 176 people on board, a majority of Iranians and Canadians, have died.

This announcement has caused a wave of anger in Iran, where videos circulating on social networks showed demonstrations punctuated by slogans hostile to the authorities.

“It is are appalling that the security forces crushed violently the peaceful gathering of people demanding justice (…) and expressing their anger against the authorities,” said Philip Luther, head of Amnesty to North Africa and the Middle East.

“The unlawful use of force in the recent protests are part of a long tradition of iran’s security forces “, he added.

In its press release, Amnesty reports of people who have had to undergo surgical procedures for them to retrieve the shot fired by the security forces, usually used for hunting and “completely inappropriate” for peacekeeping operations ” of the order.

The NGO also refers to information according to which security forces have attempted to transfer some of the injured to military hospitals.

Medical centers of Tehran have refused to admit the injured, telling them that the security services, the would stop if they found out that it comes to protesters, still advancing Amnesty.

“The situation in Tehran currently is more painful than death. They are trying to kill us slowly, “says Mahsa, a “witness” cited by the NGOS.

According to Philip Luther, ” the iranian authorities must urgently halt the repression and ensure that security forces exercise maximum hold and respect the rights of expression and staging peaceful “.

“The detainees must be protected from torture and other ill-treatment, and that all those detained arbitrarily should be released “, he adds.