Iran will have enough enriched uranium by 2020 to make a bomb, according to Israel

Iran will have enriched enough uranium by the end of the year to dispose of the material necessary in the manufacture of nuclear weapons, without having the intention to make one in the immediate future, according to statements of israeli officials cited by local media and confirmed by the AFP.

According to the estimates of the israeli authorities, cited by these same officials, Iran enriches at a rate of 4% between 100 and 180 kilos of uranium per month, which, at this rate, will allow Tehran to have by the end of the year in his possession nearly 25 kilograms of highly enriched uranium, the threshold required to make a nuclear bomb.

The Iranians will need a little more than six months to get to this level, and would still need about two more years to develop missiles capable of carrying a possible bomb, according to information of the israeli media, which quoted Tuesday evening by the report, 2020 of the directorate of military intelligence of the israeli army.

According to the contents of this report, Iran does will help hasten not to manufacture the actual bomb, as Tehran does not want a war, although a military escalation remains possible.

“We know exactly what is happening in the iranian nuclear program. Iran is believed to be able to achieve a nuclear weapon. I say again: Israel will not allow Iran to attain the bomb “, said on Tuesday evening in a statement the israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“Iran is two or three years of having nuclear capabilities,” commented the former head of the army Benny Gantz and great rival of Mr Netanyahu for the parliamentary elections of 2 march.

Israel accused for many years Iran of seeking to develop a nuclear weapon, despite repeated denials from Tehran, and opposite, like the United States, to the agreement of 2015 (JCPOA) surrounding the iranian nuclear and to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.

Israel calls on european countries to follow the example of the United States, which withdrew from the agreement in 2018 and have imposed a series of economic sanctions against Tehran.

Without withdrawing from the agreement, european countries (Germany, Uk, France) announced on Tuesday that have triggered the dispute resolution mechanism (ADR) provided for in the agreement on nuclear power in order, according to them, to compel Tehran to return to the observance of its commitments.

“I call on all western countries to re-establish on the scope of sanctions at the un “, said Mr. Netanyahu, in response to the new eu initiative.

Israel accused also the lebanese Hezbollah, an ally of Iran, seek to convert rocket missiles of precision can cause significant damage on sites of strategic importance in israeli territory.