Isabelle Adjani explains the reason for the cancellation of his show in Australia

Australia burns for more than three weeks. The shares have increased everywhere in the world and the calls for help and donations are becoming more frequent. To put a little balm in the heart of the inhabitants of the 21 to 26 January 2020 in the iconic opera house of the city, the festival of Sydney will take place. It had to accommodate Isabelle Adjani, but the actress will not come. The actress who was to come enchant the audience on Opening Night – work adapted for the film by John Cassavetes – was forced to cancel his coming.

Whereas, in the past week, the rumor that Isabelle Adjani knew of the medical problems, the reality is quite different. “I can’t go into the details, but it is a conjunction between medical reasons to Isabelle and the situation in Australia with these fires and the smoke“, was justification for Nicolas Roux, director of production from the Dock to the newspaper Le Parisien.

“This is not a drama, it is a tragedy, a tragedy pure in the Greek sense. A human tragedy, environmental and political, and our people are angry in the face of the impéritie leaders climatosceptiques, eco-irresponsible”, one can read in the forum of the actress of the Queen Margot in The World on Monday 13 January 2020. “It is no longer to appear on stage, to play when that which lives in us, it is the decency and the respect due to the victims direct and indirect of the flames. The global warming is a crisis on sustainable basis. Forest fires, natural or criminal, that affect Australia will continue to affect the whole planet, in the Amazon, in California, in the north of Portugal.”

Isabellle Adjani added that his coming, in a context of entertainment, would be “an indecency shameful in the face of the experience of the Australians at the end of breath”. “We must oppose the policies climaticides and we must also respect the public by encouraging the responsible of cultural events to reflect on what is most important when burn the forest”, was also said to be Isabelle Adjani. And to conclude : “Many of the inhabitants of the city of Sydney who disapproved of the decision of the director of the Festival to maintain this multidisciplinary festival, as they have been many to disown the keeping of the fireworks of 31 December.”

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