Jean-Marie Bigard : His twins almost died at birth, his “shock”

The paternity, that is so beautiful… but sometimes so difficult. Jean-Marie Bigard, fort of his own personal experience, however, does not know where to give head the day of the birth of her twins, Jules and Bella, in the month of November 2012. He was already the father of Sasha, the fruit of her love with a dancer, a brazilian, has found strong guard by seeing his two children come into the world prematurely. “Until the period of the term, they are between life and death, “he says in the podcast Parents first of Tv Leisure. We never will forget this period. I will never be able to forget the stress of being 24 hours on 24, 7 days on 7.

The emotional shock was so violent

This was a true “emotional shock” for Jean-Marie Bigard, usually mood is very light. It must be said that when he saw his twin for the first time, they were not more than 730 grams each. For three months, he shivered with his wife Lola Marois in the face of his children that he always compares to “two frogs“. A mishap that was not without consequence, neither on his mind nor on his state of health. “I caught rheumatoid arthritis at that time, says the humorist of the age of 65. The emotional shock was so violent and the stress has triggered this rheumatoid arthritis.

Ready to have a new child

Yet, this harsh experience has not traumatized permanently : Jean-Marie Bigard has not renounced for ever the idea to expand the family. More welded than ever, the couple Marois-Bigard would think the same offer to the twins of 7 years old a little brother gold a little sister. “I say to him : ‘Go on I make you another baby.’ She said to me : ‘I dream’, he says. There is another thing that is another alternative, it is to adopt. We dream to adopt a child.” The next few months may well be rich in twists and turns…

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