Jeremy and Candice (Koh Lanta) on holiday : sweet kisses on the beach

Candice offered him the most beautiful gift. For 30 years to his sweetheart, Jeremy, she was surprised with a wonderful trip to Tahiti, a place of paradise that he always dreamed of visiting. So it is with excitement that the couple has put down its baggage it several days ago.

In the program : discovery, relaxation and most importantly gentle kisses on the beach. On Instagram, the pretty blonde posted a new photo to their vacation this Wednesday, January 15. More accomplices than ever, the old adventurers of Koh Lanta kiss tenderly. “Love you a little more each day, “adds Candice in the legend. It was not necessary any more to melt the internet users. “So mimi“, “What a photo and what framework“, “oh dear, what it smells like love“, “such a fan of you“, it read. It must be said that this is the first time that the lovebirds appear on the Canvas. After you put in the time to formalize their relationship, they are still, however, remained modest about the expression of their feelings. But for a moment, their attempt beginnings seem to have left room for the demonstration. Evidenced by the recent declaration of love for Candice intended to be his companion for his birthday. My first and only Love“, made it on his social networks.

The year 2020 therefore starts under the best auspices for Candice and Jeremy with this stay under the coconut trees. But at the age of just 21, the young woman may well soon want to pass a course, that of the marriage. In fact, last year, Candice has several times alluded to his desire to get engaged… to be continued !

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