Jeremy (Koh Lanta) : A incident “painful” comes to disturb his trip

For 30 years, Jeremy has been spoiled. His girlfriend Candice, puts on the shooting of Koh Lanta, offered him the trip of his dreams to Tahiti. Since the beginning of the year 2020, the couple feasts under the trees of the largest island of French Polynesia, away from the cold winter in the mainland. Between discovery of the landscape, walks on the beach and breaks smoothly to exchange of kisses, Jeremy and Candice are living their best life. At least until Thursday 16 January.

In fact, the old adventurer appeared on Instagram in a poor state. On the photo, it reveals a swelling in the upper lip caused by an insect of the region. “A true pleasure to be in Tahiti… Bitten today during the hike by a flying insect, not seen by what !“, he explains. And to add : “It was just a lot more painful than a wasp, but I don’t know much about the species of the corner…” Fortunately, not enough to taint his good mood because Jeremy ensures that it was their “best day since the beginning“.

In addition, in the comments, the beautiful brown sparked of nice mockery on the part of its followers. “Ah, thin, thou hast done a bit of cosmetic surgery, my friend“, “as long as you don’t get processed not in Laam“, “Better than Botox“, “Should you be bitten on the other side, you have a luscious mouth“, has fun there. Even Candice didn’t resist the urge to show teases against her. In story Instagram, the pretty blonde has turn out posted a few pictures of the disfigured face of Jeremy. This is a day they won’t soon forget !

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