Jérôme Kerviel : his wife and His daughter have saved my life !

Eleven years after the events that have changed his life forever, Jerome Kerviel learns again to live normally. As a reminder, he has been appointed as the head of fraud at $ 5 billion. He was an employee of the Company general and considered as a major actor of the losses of Société générale in January 2008. Sentenced to three years in prison and two years of suspended sentence for abuse of trust, forgery and use of forgery, and the introduction of fraudulent data in a computer system, his award is converted into a lease with an electronic bracelet after five months. He must also pay back 1 million euros to Société générale.

While he celebrated his 43 years on January 11, 2020, Jérôme Kerviel has finally taken his life in hand. Financially, the writing of his first book, I would have been able to move to the side of my life, has allowed him to “touch copyright“. It has also affected “approximately 80 000 euro gross of the prud’hommes [a part of the 450 000 euros that Société Générale was sentenced to pay him for termination without cause real and serious, editor’s NOTE] with which [he] has paid [sti’s] attorneys fees, î he told to Tv Star in 2016. Side career, it gives today “conferences” and it has also assembled “a computer company” with one of his friends.

Since the release of his book, and thanks to a friend that has it hosted, he met his wife and even had the joy of welcoming a little girl. “Without jobs and ruined there are still two years, I no longer had a home. I was hosted by a friend of me fixed so I can continue to eat and live. And then, I met my wife and today I have the great happiness to be a dad to a little girl that I care a lot”, he explained during a conference last October 17.

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