Johnny Hallyday rests finally in the family vault, Laeticia very happy

According to our information, the transfer of the casket from the Taulier was held in discretion without any member of the family, since, Laeticia Hallyday and her two daughters returned to Los Angeles on Saturday 11 January after the year-end holiday to Marrakech with Pascal Balland and his children. Returned to Paris on January 5, Laeticia, Jade and Joy Hallyday then spent a few days in the capital – Laeticia celebrating the birthday of his friend Pierre Rambaldi with Pascal –, before leaving for California.

Laeticia can only be relieved that Johnny rests in the family vault, even if Laura Smet was shown to be particularly virulent against her last December. The girl 36-year-old Johnny Hallyday and Nathalie Baye was said to be “shocked” by the transfer of the coffin of his father, while it was yet his will. However, it was imperative that the transfer can be completed in the shortest possible time, as the coffin was being severely deteriorate. “The sand of the sea, very aggressive and very corrosive (…), may alter significantly the wood of the coffin, to which we may add the danger of large land crabs are very numerous in the cemetery of Lorient”, reported Gilles Gauer, the lawyer of Laeticia Hallyday, the president of the collectivity, Bruno Magras. When Johnny Hallyday was buried in December 2017 in the small cemetery by the sea in Lorient, it had already been specified that this fall would be temporary.

Laura Smet was not opposed to the ” principle of exhumation“, aim refused to let it happen without being consulted and was asked last September, the sudden interruption of the works for the construction of the vault. In order to create a new climate of appeasement, the widow of Johnny Hallyday was then chosen to re-establish dialogue.

To Me, Gilles Gauer, counsel for Laeticia, confirmed to the AFP that this transfer had been made “with the agreement of the elders“.

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