Julia Paredes collapsed : she announced her miscarriage with a sad photo

Exclusively for Purepeople, the young woman had made revelations about the nature of his current relationship with Maxim : “It is complicated… suddenly it’s going to be a coup it will not… In any case, one is certain of one thing, it is that we will be together more. Me, I have no intention, because, now, I feel resentful. Everything is accumulated, so it will ever be able to walk again. After he assumed his role of father. He sees his daughter. There, he has had six days during the holidays. It is very passed and Luna had a good time. It reassured me because it is the first time I let him.

She was also given the exciting regarding her endometriosis : “I have a lot of pain but I had an appointment very important with a specialist, you will be able to see in the show. He answered all my questions and told me they could cure me. He prescribed me a full examination, to treat this endometriosis. We are told all the time that there was nothing to do and I think that this appointment will help a lot of viewers. In any case, for me, it was in a good way. It is in the course of healing.

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