Julie (Koh-Lanta) : Confidences about her divorce and big announcement (EXCLUDED)

Who does not know the bubbly Julie, a former candidate Koh-Lanta (2016 and 2018) who loved all the singing at any time of the day ? Early this year, viewers were able to rediscover the adventurer in a whole new light. And it is in the show Amazing Transformations, broadcast on 14 January 2020 on M6, that the beautiful has returned to our small screens. Determined to get his life in hand, Julie has made some revelations are astounding, ranging from his divorce to his job search. Contacted by Purepeople.comshe has agreed to answer a few questions.

You have made your return to television in Incredible Transformations. That happened between your last participation at Koh-Lanta , and this shoot ?

In life, there is no chance and I think that this episode of makeover cam at the right time for me, that is to say, by the time I decided to take my life in hand and it has nothing to do with the midlife crisis… I got this trigger because up to now I have always taken care of others and I am also heavily involved in charities. I had a very positive feedback from all these people who were telling me that it was my turn to take care of myself and achieve my dreams. I told myself that it was true, that I had resume in hand and I take time for myself.

In the show, you say that you’ve been wanting to press the button reset of your life. For what reason ?

It is simple, it has only one life and it is short. It is up to ourselves to make the necessary actions so that our life will be the prettiest possible, so I went for it. I am very happy today. When one has the chance to be in good health and be in a country where one is free to be itself, you need to really enjoy it all. So, no, I have no regrets, I listened to all the fatherly advice of my surroundings and I feel very well.

You were looking for a new job. Where it is it ?

I am currently in trial period. I can’t even say what craft I’m going to do, but it is on the right track.

And your apartment search ?

There it is, I’ve found ! I finally stayed in my home region. I am in a small apartment by the sea, in rental. I am very happy to have remained in the lands of catalonia, with all of my family and my friends.

In the show, you announce your divorce. What has happened in the past ?

With Benjamin, my ex-husband, we get on very very well, we remained friends. In fact, we chatted a little bit to make the point on our relationship and it is a common agreement we have decided to take different paths. We wanted everyone to start a family of our side, so it was necessary for us to separate. But there is no tension between us and we are very good friends. Also, I wish him to be very happy and able to realize his dreams.

Your next dream is, therefore, to found a family, this includes having children ?

Of course!! I would like to find my lover and of course to have children, even if I did the quarantine, I do not despair ! So I hope to meet the man of my life and make a baby… or two !

It was able to discover your makeover yesterday evening. How was the shooting ? What did you think of the comments of the experts ?

It is extraordinary, the experts have been fantastic ! They are professionals, they know very well their job. Personally, I gave them carte blanche because I relied on them to give a pep to my new life. I wanted a look that looks like me and the result is top. It is chic, it is sparkling, everything matches to what I love !

Do you continue to have recourse to the aesthetic medicine in relation to your small wrinkles ?

To tell the truth, no. I was delighted to be able to test this method because it was the first time. Today, the small wrinkles are back, but I do want to continue in these techniques-there. On the other hand, I can advise if other people want to try. In the end, my small wrinkles are back, but I was told that it was charming, so I rest myself !

You have changed your hair color, the one carried out when the program didn’t please you ?

No, the roux, it is very beautiful, I love it ! But as I was looking for a job these last time, I told myself that I was going to come back on a color a bit more subdued. I opted for the chestnut brown that is close to my natural color, because I thought that, for interviews, this might be a little better.

On Instagram, we was able to see that you are making a diet rebalancing. What is it ? For what purpose did you do that ?

Simply compared to Koh-Lanta. When you come back from an adventure of survival, we tend to jump on food and eating in unlimited quantities… for Me, I especially want that my body gets all the right vitamins that he had lost during the survival, so I made a call to a friend, Kunlé, that has made Koh-Lanta him also, but in another season. He is the sports coach, and as I know that he is very professional, I appealed to him to prepare me a food plan, only to find everything my body needs.

Do you have musical projects ?

From time to time, I can be led to sing in private parties, purpose rather groups gold musicians and friends that appeal to me. When someone contacts me, I accept with pleasure. It is true that I am an artist in the soul and in the heart, so if you come to offer me projects, often, I agree. It can be cinema, tv shows, or other art projects… I am open.

Interview by Perrine Némard

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