Julie (Koh-Lanta) divorced : the reasons which have impelled to give up everything

In 2016, the viewers of TF1 made the acquaintance of Julie Navarro in Koh-Lanta, a woman sparkling and dynamic that had marked the spirits. At the time, she was married to a certain Benjamin. Purpose of their love story is no longer current.

Monday, 13 January 2020, M6 has released previously unpublished ofIncredible transformations. In the course of the show, a young woman named Leah came to talk to Julie. She wished that her friend has a new more modern look and she put aside her midlife crisis. “Look, this is no longer possible. She is young, she is bubbly, she is very dynamic, but it is a little out of time for me. (…) I think that she is not really paying attention and he or she takes the first thing that comes. (…) I think it makes it a pleasure to come here because she wants to change her life, may be the small midlife crisis. And this time, it flat all. The guy, the apartment, the job, the clothes, she decided to change her life“, she admitted with experts, Leah Djaja, Nicolas Waldorf and Charla Carter.

Then came the time for Julie to make her arrival and explain the reasons for her participation : “in the past, I have been very much occupied of other. I have worked with the elderly, mentally disabled, and I gives me a lot in associations also. So, I put myself completely aside, but I said to myself that this was not possible. (…) When I finished Koh-Lanta, I have gained confidence in me. I told myself that I was a fighter and that I had to reveal myself. I decided to press the reset button of my life. I got divorced, I am looking for a new job…

She hoped that the experts would provide a dynamic look at its image in order to help it to go forward.

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