Julie Ricci and her miscarriage : new and sad confidences

Julie Ricci is pregnant with her second child, the fruit of her union with Pierre-Jean Cabrières. The candidate of Secret Story 4 (2010) is in its fourth month, has happiness that she shared with her subscribers by the end of December. In the Face of many questions from its subscribers, the beautiful brunette of 31 years has made a YouTube video to answer them. She has also been a confidence about her miscarriage, which occurred last summer.

A person asked him if this pregnancy was concerned about, as she had a miscarriage at 4 months pregnant “Yes, I am anxious. The heart of The baby had stopped, I was super sad. Especially with Gianni, my first child, all had gone very well. So there, I didn’t understand the why of the how. And in fact, while analyses on the fetus, I learned that it was a molar pregnancy gynecologic. It is a disease of the placenta that fact that I had a cyst on the embryo. In the end, the nature is well made. The heart of The baby stopped because he had a cyst and that it would not have been finalized gold it would not have been a baby the ‘normal’, we’ll say. (…) It is not known how it comes and how it goes with this disease. To Me, it is gone, but for some, it remains and they have to do chemo, “explained the mother of Gianni (1 year).

Without surprise, Julie Ricci was upset, because she wanted to have a second child. “I had to wait for my pregnancy rats become normal. It has taken three months. Then, we got baby on the way, “continued the young woman. Today, she tries to remain serene and to begin to feel her baby move helps a lot. For the time being, Pierre-Jean Cabrières and it does not yet know the sex of the baby. It is that next month it will have sti awaited answer.

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