Julien Cohen : The show “done Deal”‘ is a homage to his deceased father

Strong of its success, the show ‘s a bargain seeks to be declined in several versions. Tuesday night on France 2, the first duel of the second-hand dealers was launched at a premium crazy. For the occasion, Julien Cohen had teamed up with Pierre-Jean Chalençon and was worried about finding the best items in the larger markets of France. The duo unusual was faced with Caroline Margueridon and Anne-Catherine Verwaerde for a fierce competition. At the end of the evening, these are the boys who have won the upper-hand. But in addition to their victory, a detail that has intrigued viewers : the tribute to a certain Jean-Pierre Cohen, slid subtly in the end of the program. “This issue is dedicated to Jean-Pierre Cohen“, was recorded at the bottom of the screen.

After investigation, our peers, Tv Entertainment have discovered that he was actually the father of Julian Cohen. The latter died a few days ago without knowing the cause. For its part, the famous buyer in the blue glasses has not yet reacted to this loss. On social networks, he has merely thank users for their messages after the premium. “I took a lot of fun during shoots. A special dedication to the three or four morons who spend their time in front of a bargain to déblatérer of the negative comments. “

If you don’t know much about Mr. Cohen as a Senior, it is known that his his wished to do him honor while growing up. Coming from a wealthy family, Julian Cohen has never been reluctant to put the hand to the dough. This self-taught has proven this by launching several business. “Mwe father and my mother have inculcated me the value of hard work, î he told-in Capital in 2014.

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