Kate and William laughing : first public release since the announcement of the departure

Two days after a meeting of unprecedented crisis, the prince William and his wife Kate Middleton went to Bradford (West Yorkshire’s). As previously announced, the royal couple was to “visit a number of projects that support the community and promote cohesion, in one of the most diverse cities in the United Kingdom“.

Crowds and message to Harry and Meghan

Wednesday, 15 January 2020, it is with big smiles the duke and duchess of Cambridge spent time with fans who were waiting at the bottom of the town hall. According to journalists of the Daily Mail present on the spot, William and Kate were greeted by a cheering crowd. “Hello ! You are the corner noisy ?”, launched the duke in speaking to “a group of several young women“.

Kate Middleton and her husband prince William then visited the local community project Older Yet Wiser (older, purpose wiser, in French), which is supposed to strengthen the bonds between grandparents and grandchildren, giving advice and aid to education. Maybe is this a coded message to the prince Harry, who drops his grandmother, queen Elizabeth II , to live its own life with Meghan ?

Then, the Sussex are rendered in the chain of asian restaurants and british MyLahore. This is where Kate Middleton is completely dropped, making lassis (kind of milkshakes indians) with the employees of the store. For this visit, the mother of the family was wearing a dress by Zara (on sale at less than 19 euros) and a long coat khaki in Alexander McQueen at about 100 euros.

Today’s visit is the first of 2020 for Kate and William, who were not appeared in public since the 12th of November. Their commitment to Bradford was announced on the 8th January last, or at the same time that the release is a surprise to Meghan and Harry. This is where they had announced their withdrawal of the british royal family, expressing the desire to become “financially independent” and only spend part of the year in the Uk, the other in Canada. A new one, which would have greatly displeased Elizabeth II, according to experts at the british monarchy.

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