Kate Middleton ready for a fourth child ? She responds

Wednesday, 15 January 2020, Kate Middleton and her husband travelled to Bradford (Yorkshire-West), where they were able to visit a community centre for the elderly and a local restaurant (where they made milkshakes). The spouses of Cambridge have been greeted like rock stars by an excited crowd waiting on the square in front of the town hall.

Kate and William took time to greet and chat with them. It is by discussing with a certain Josh Macpalce, a fan of the royal family, the duchess of Cambridge has revealed that she would not have a fourth child. A question that panics the experts for months. Based on information from PEOPLE Magazine, the man would have started by telling him that he had feels postcards to the birth of each of her first three children. This is where Kate Middleton would have ensured that it was unlikely that she welcomes a fourth.

I don’t think William wants another child, “said the duchess to the fan when his first official release since the announcement of the withdrawal of Meghan Markle and the prince Harry of the royal family. PEOPLE says that Josh Macpalce is affected by autism. When he stretched his arms, Kate gave him a hug. “Thanks for the hug“, he would she said.

In February 2019, Kate Middleton has already affirmed that it would not be a fourth child with her husband. During their royal tour in Southern Ireland, the duchess and prince William have met year adorable 5-month old baby. “It is wonderful, it makes me want to mother“, she had told the father that he had then asked if she wanted another child. “I think William would be a little worried“, she answered while laughing. No doubt, Kate would like to have another baby, unlike her husband.

As a reminder, Kate Middleton and prince William are parents of three beautiful children : prince George (6 years old), princess Charlotte (4 years old) and prince Louis (1 year).

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