Kate Middleton : The scarred face in full-blown royal

If you had told Kate Middleton what a real earthquake would be triggered on the eve of her birthday, she would have certainly not believed. And yet, Meghan Markle and prince Harry have chosen the January 8, 2020, the eve of 38 years of the duchess of Cambridge, drop a bomb and announce in a lengthy message posted on Instagram thatthey had to take their distances with the royal family and renounced the duties associated with their status as a senior. The duchess and the duke of Sussex intend to become “financially independent“.

Since then, all the attention is focused on the former star of the series Suits and the younger son of Diana and prince Charles. However, Kate Middleton is particularly tried by this extraordinary crisis that is shaking the royal family.

The duchess of Cambridge was seen leaving Kensington Palace on two occasions on the 13 January 2020, including a time to go in search of its elders George (age 6) and Charlotte (4 years old) to school. Both are enrolled at the school in london, Thomas’s Battersea since September last, a prestigious institution located in the South of London. The prince George is recorded, for its part, since 2017.

Unsurprisingly, Kate Middleton did not appear bright as usual, but the closed face and the traits particularly marked. Especially that the day of 13 January was eagerly awaited since it was the date that queen Elizabeth had summoned the princes Harry and William and their father prince Charles to a crisis meeting Sandringham. This interview of two hours has led to whatElizabeth II accepts, not without a huge pinch in the heart, as Meghan Markle and prince Harry share their time between England and Canada, the time of”transition period“.

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