Kim Kardashian : Spoiled by Kanye West, she shows her new jewel

Thanks to social networks, the stars are in direct contact with their fans. Kim Kardashian communicates daily with his followers, going so far to invite her in the kitchen ! Last weekend, she showed them a new gift from her husband Kanye West, a jewel beyond price, custom…

Kim Kardashian has more than 157 million subscribers on Instagram. 157 million users to whom it is addressed, every day, sharing his news and his moods. Sunday, January 12, 2020, the superstar 39-year-old posted a new selfie , and invited stis followers to watch a detail.

If you zoom in on my necklace up close, you can see a text message that Kanye has feels for me, legend @kimkardashian. It took a superb flat vintage gold Cartier and made to do the drawing. It always makes the gift more thoughtful.

On this message dating back to April 2019, Kanye feels it’s a picture of the inside of their house and she wrote : “This is your life. Married with four children. Helps people to get out of prison. On the cover of Vogue. Goes to church every week with his family. The dreams become a reality.

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