Koh-Lanta : Infection, complications for years, has a candidate such

There are people for whom the experience of Koh-Lanta was particularly striking. This is the case of Jessica Joulié, to form a candidate of the eighth season, which took place in 2008, in the Philippines. Student in communication at the time (she was 20), the young woman had not well endured the extreme conditions of the adventure, and had been eliminated from the competition at the end of the twelfth day. Contacted by TV MAG, the young woman, now mom and milf, is back on his adventure.

I thought that I would suffer hunger because of my small size and, finally, it was me who was the most hungry. I have suffered mentally and physically in weather conditions, especially when it started raining and getting cold. The nights had been particularly complicated. At the twelfth day, I had asked my teammates to pull me out on the board in order to preserve my health, “reveals the ex-adventurer. Hungry, as she says so well, Jessica has even asked his team to eliminate the next tip. Back in France, she had to be monitored closely by his doctors : “At my return in France, I was doing more than 38 kilos, I had lost six-in-the-Philippines. I was so bad that I had to be transported to the emergency room. I had a big infection in the liver and the stomach. The complications persisted for several years“, she explains.

So, the young woman admits not to be ready to re-enlist a second time if it is proposed to him, like many other adventurers have done in recent years and will continue for theedition 2020 : “I sometimes dream at night that I repeat Koh-Lanta, but in reality, this is not my wish to return there. Because I don’t want to relive the problems of health that I have known, there are twelve years of age, or be faced with the negative reactions of the social networks. But also because I’m a mom now and I do not see me moving away from my two year old daughter.

Despite the impact that the program has had on her health, Jessica says that she does not regret this experience. Moreover, strong of his adventure of survival, now she would become a naturopath.

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