Kylie Jenner : Her assistant resigns, and is explained

Victoria Villarroel, a former personal assistant to Kylie Jenner, had resigned a year ago already, but the new only comes to be formalized. This young woman of 27 years has been the target of several rumors circulated on social networks on the reasons for this breach of contract. On January 14, 2020, it has restored the truth by publishing his version of the facts on Instagram.

I’ve worked with Kylie for five years, and it has become one of my closest friends. We decided both that it was time to grow up separately professionally there has already been a year. It is still one of my best friends and our relationship has only strengthened, “wrote Victoria Villarroel in his story.

The microphone of the podcast Girl Cult, the one who now lives a life of influenceuse said a little more about the background to his collaboration with Kylie Jenner. As a reminder, she began working for a business woman since the creation of sti brand, Kylie Cosmetics, without suspecting that the company would bring in several billion dollars in five years after.

It was starting to get long. I learned so much and we have a great relationship. I really love him with all my heart. But as a person, I just wanted to grow up. And when you see a person having so much success, you say to yourself : ‘I want to be the boss also. I want it all to smash.’ But I don’t know what I’ll do, “says Victoria Villarroel, who has not yet completely found sti way.

I want to find my passion, what makes me 100% happy and fulfilled. (…) I did all my visits with me doctor, I have reorganized my house. I have used every day for people to meet, make the meetings, just to keep my brain active to get new ideas. I just try to be inspired, not to stay at home with nothing to do. I have several ideas, I just hope that one of them is going to walk, “she continued. Victoria seems to actually still good friends with Kylie. Monday, 13 January, she was going out with her and other friends for the concert of Rosalía at the Staples Center.

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