Ladj Ly : The “les Miserables” Oscar-nominated director “explodes with joy”

The flag blue-white-red will be flown soon (again) be Hollywood. The Wretched of Ladj Ly is nominated in the category of best foreign film at the Oscars.

A few days after the Golden Globes ceremony when the film was in competition in the face of Parasite Bong Joon-ho (who walked away with the award), the director of Montfemeil Ladj Ly has learned that he will travel on February 9, 2020 at the academy awards, consecration ultimate in the world of cinema.

“I was doing a race at school [Kourtrajmé] in the past , when I heard the selection for the Oscars. We exploded with joy, “says Ladj Ly in Paris. It is known that, in the face of Parasite, there is very little chance to win, but to representing France, it is already huge. As the fact of making 1.8 million entries, while it hoped to have 200 000 gold 300 000.” And to continue on the impact of the film : “I hope that this film will reflect the youth : “I’m starting from the very bottom…It is a political film with a message.” The director also confirms that he was going to prepare a speech in case of victory, because it “is null in English.

Les Miserables is released on January 10, 2020 in the United States, leaving the Americans “in shock” as the story goes, the filmmaker, to the Huffington Post. “In the United States, people were shocked to see that in France there were ghettos, it is impressive. In fact, the film is universal. The misery does not only concern France. People may recognize throughout this story of police violence.”

Les Misérables tells the story of the daily life in the parisian suburbs where year interpellation lapses when three cops from the TRAY seriously insult a child in the neighborhood.

Another Frenchman will be nominated this evening, in the category of “best animated feature : I lost my body”, the beautiful film by Jeremy Clapin.

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