Lessons climate of the Australia

The government of Australia is led by climatosceptiques.

However, for the past three months, this country is ravaged by the worst wildfires in its history. Approximately 100 000 km2 of territory were burned. Thirty people died in the fire. Hundreds of millions of animals are dead.

The data are unforgiving : the climate of Australia warms up for a few decades. These fires are normal in this context.

Australia is not alone in being the victim of fires caused by climate change. Brazil, the south of Europe and California, to take only these examples, are also.

Solutions laughable

Given the gravity of the situation, the reaction of the australian government is laughable : he will set on foot an extensive commission of inquiry on the management of forest fires and on the impact of climate change.

Will he question his positions climatosceptiques ? No. Will he go back on his decision to block international efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions ? Not more. The australian government continued to ally themselves with the United States, Brazil and saudi Arabia.

A good portion of the australian population, however, is furious against the policies of anti-environmental leaders in australia. But they hope that the voters will have forgotten these fires before the next elections, in two years. Good luck.

Of course, Australians can’t solve alone the problem of global warming. No country can. But it is better to be part of the solution than of the problem.

Climate disasters occur more and more often. They should inspire us to take decisions much more bold. Because it is obvious that the risks of climate change are serious, more and more numerous.

What to do with us ?

Every government in the world should take active measures to adapt society to the changes that are coming.

For example, in Quebec, the consequences of extreme climatic events will be much more painful that the urban sprawl will increase.

It is amazing to hear people advocate for region free agricultural, while on the contrary, the agricultural zoning should be strengthened, among others, the preservation of wetlands.

An in-depth reflection should be undertaken on the urban development and architectural standards. How to even tolerate the construction of new shopping centres that increase the travel ? Why not impose a high tax for shipping companies who trade via the internet without having a storefront ? These businesses contribute to urban sprawl as well as to the dislocation of the life of the district.

But on the other hand, it must be admitted that the architects offers often of the horrors architectural. How to convince people to go and live with their families in condos ugly, small and noisy, rather than find their account in the suburbs ? Real-estate developers and architects bear a great share of responsibility in the urban sprawl.

Climate change require deep changes to our ways of occupying the territory.

It is better to do it now, in a planned way and with forethought, rather than a day to be forced in haste, as in Australia.