Ludivine Sagnier : How she met her sweetheart, Kim Chapiron

Since 2007, the actress Ludivine Sagnier shares his life with director Kim Chapiron. A strong and beautiful love story that crosses it with discretion. When asked by Grazia, the star is now 40-year-old has made a few confidences, personal goal above all it is his friend Vincent Cassel , who said more about the history of heart of two men.

The actor explained that during the shooting of his film” Mesrine, in which he gave the reply to Ludivine Sagnier, he did meet with his entourage to the pretty blonde. “She was in my dressing room, and I had invited Oxmo Puccino, who arrived with a mafé. For Ludivine, it was a bit like meeting Madonna ! Little by little, I introduced her to my friends, many of whom were related to Kourtrajmé [a collective of artists, editor’s NOTE]. At the end of the shoot, I invited everyone in Brazil [where he resides much of the year, editor’s NOTE], and it is here that Ludivine has met with Kim, “said Vincent Cassel.

Ludivine Sagnier has a nice claim to have “always aspired to independence” and to have “need anyone to be happy“, it is clear that his beloved provides him with all the same happiness. With Kim Chapiron, she has had two children : Tam (5 years) and Ly Lan (10 years). She is also the mother of Bonnie (14 years old) whose dad is Nicolas Duvauchelle. And the star, to the post of the series The New Pope, to make a small balance sheet since that it entered into the quarantine : “Emotionally, these past few years have been very strong. I had children, I finished my psychoanalysis, lived the experiences that I have damaged and consolidated at the same time.

The confidences of Ludivine Sagnier and Vincent Cassel are to be found in Grazia magazine, on newsstands on January 10, 2020.

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