Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR, discounts, prior to their arrival

The Mac Pro is a particular machine at a particular price but it is also a Mac like the others, that the different channels of distribution of Apple’s promised already with discounts. Attention, it is sometimes in the symbolic in view of the total cost of these products. You can bet that they will not turn away any customers of the Apple Store and Apple Premium Reseller.

Just a lack of availability of these little wonders. At Apple it is not shipped in a Mac Pro that between 30 January and 3 February and for the Pro Display XDR this will be the last week of February.

In Rue du Commerce there are two configurations set up with a few options :

  • Xeon W 8 cores 3.5 GHz, Radeon Pro 580X 8 Gb, 32 Gb of RAM and SSD of 1 Tb to 6 900 € (-79 €)

  • Xeon W 12-core 3.3 GHz, Radeon Pro Vega II 32 Gb, 48 Gb of RAM and SSD of 1 Tb to 11 300 € (-119 €)

Two configurations “in the course of replenishment ” (or supply-short…).

The Fnac is not in rest, which will apply sti 5% subscriber on the machine as well as on-screen Pro Display XDR. There is the basic configuration of announced, has 6-175 € (-325 €) : Xeon W 8 cores, 32 Gb RAM, Radeon Pro 580X 8 Gb and 256 Gb of SSD.

As for the two versions of the screen, they are promised to 5 225 € (-275 €) and 6 175 € (-325). Shipments of the Mac Pro will start on the 31st January. For the screens it is from the 18 February. The cousin Darty offers the same Mac Pro, for the same date, purpose without reduction.

In Baker there is also a single configuration, the base with an addition of SSD : Xeon 8 cores, 32 Gb RAM, Radeon Pro 580X and 1 Tb of storage 6979 €. This is the price catalog. The delivery is given to the 18 January.

Finally, Amazon, always on the alert usually shows no Mac Pro. There is for the screens (not available, no reduction’), for the mounting kit VESA and for the famous ” walk in option. The Pro Stand can only be bought yet but it will cost 54 € cheaper, to 1 045 €. The pill will does it a little better ?

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