Maeva Ghennam : the Victim of an attempted burglary, she rebels

Maeva Ghennam is very angry ! Currently on vacation in New York with his mother for more than eight days, the candidate flagship of Marseille has learned a bad new. Indeed, it would appear that burglars had tried to force his house in his absence… Rise like a cuckoo, the luscious young woman immediately grabbed his account Snapchat to push a big rant.

You know what ? But I have the nerves. On the head of my mother that I’m going to fart a cable. There are people who have tried it here and now from me to rob. Purpose fortunately there is my grand-mother in me“, gets the young woman, facing the camera. “There’s my grand-mother and my brother. There, my brother is currently doing all around the neighborhood with all my cousins, all of his colleagues. And if he catches you, he will give you n***er. I’m so nerves that I can’t talk about it. They are all around the area. It better not that you were trying to go home. If you try again, before the police arrest you, they are going to so you beat up that you’ll end up in the hospital. Will try again not even !”, threat-t-it, mad with rage.

This is not the first time such a thing happens to a candidate of reality tv. Carla Moreau , and his beloved Kevin Guedj, have also, recently, had to deal with a burglary, just as Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia before them. To escape this oppression permanently linked to their reputation, they had decided to relocate to Dubai where they go now happy days with their little Maylone.

Maeva Ghennam should be back in France in three days. In the meantime, there is no doubt that the young woman is going to live the end of his stay with a certain anxiety in the stomach…

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