Malik Bentalha very thin : it reveals her weight loss in Daily

After you have chained the mass media for the promotion of his show Yet, Malik Bentalha is back in for tea to discuss a new project that is dear to his heart. Monday, 13 January 2020, the comedian was invited to Daily (TMC), where he mentioned the show In my head, that he would host.

I have the chance to soon present a program that will be called In my head. It is adapted from a quebec program, which is called In my head, too. And it’s going to be a mix of stand-up and fictional. We turn next week and I look forward to the day people see it. I hope that this will be released this year before the summer“, he said. A program supposed to be aired on TMC.

Purpose another detail has captivated viewers : Malik Bentalha is much refined. On Twitter, they were many to have noticed his weight loss. Last October, the comedian, of 30 years, spoke of his significant weight gain, in the broadcast At the right time (RTL). “I have let myself go this summer, but here, since the 1st of September, I have a healthy lifestyle, sport… I pay attention to what I eat, “he explained.

Due to his profession as a comedian, not really ideal for a healthy lifestyle. “All the more that we get off stage usually at 23h, we are hungry and it is the worst of times to be able to go to dinner. 23: 30, it is infernal. We sleep poorly, we do not digest. Here, I want to be careful out of respect for the public, and then even after, when we see on tv, we say : ‘No, order wait it is me, right ?’ It is here that one becomes aware of the severity, “he explained. Malik Bentalha begins and the year 2020 under the best auspices, he who lends his voice to Sonic, the output of which is scheduled for 12 February next.

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