Manu Payet tells the story of his first time late : “It is very embarrassing...”

For more than two seasons, Daphne Bürki talks aboutlove and sex, every day on France 2, in I love you, etc, You know, she has the knack to take the confessions of the most intimate of his chroniclers as to its guests. Thus, we learn the trials and tribulations of sexual d’André Manoukian between his sextape , and the lack of passion in bed. Invited for the promotion of his latest film Selfie, Manu Payet is no exception to the rule. Cooked by Alexandra Hubin, the sex therapist of the show, the actor has spoken about his first time in bed with a girl.

This is very embarrassing… because it is a moment that I waited longer than other boys. It happened a little later because I’ve grown less quickly than the others. I was in a hostel with other boys. All the guys had already done it. I did not dare to say that this was not my case. It happened around 17 years old, but they had all already done for 14 years, so I taisais.”

I fell in love after. Love can generate love, details still the actor of 44 years. I was very stressed. She was so beautiful, this girl, that I thought I could never. For me, it was a miracle, or at least a divine intervention. I was afraid of not being up to par. It was so beautiful that I didn’t want to disappoint. I have forgotten my experience with me. With the benefit of hindsight, I say to myself that this was not so bad. I am not so bad out, I think.”

Then he comes back with a cast of five-star (Elsa Zylberstein, Blanche Gardin, Max Boublil…) in Selfie, Manu Payet saw it as a dream for 2014 with his partner Pauline. The couple welcomed a daughter in January 2017.

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