Married at first sight 2020 : Melody and Shane, a marriage uncertain

During the second episode of Married at first sight 2020, the viewers of M6 have been able to make the acquaintance of Melody (29 years old), career manager, and Adrien (31 years), a financial advisor. A priori, however, all opposed these two candidates are compatible to 74%.

It is of demanding nature, a perfectionist, has known as two love stories and has a strong character. He is a playful, go-getter, has had several relationships and does not like women too strong character. Melody had hoped to meet a man brown, rather dark, athletic and who takes care of him, like Adrien. Both give great importance to the family. If he is close to her dad, she has a more conflicted relationship with his. The reason for this ? He rabaissait often.

After learning that she was going to, without doubt, marry, Melody did not hide his joy. On the other hand, it was disappointed by the rate of compatibility. She had been dreading much, also the reaction of his father. She wanted to go to a restaurant for his birthday and take the opportunity to announce the news to his parents. But his dad refused at first.

The father of Melody has finally accepted the proposal. In order to tell them, she showed them a photo frame with a photo taken during their union, and then explained the situation. Under the shock, his father and his mother no longer said a word for a moment, before hiding their disapproval. “I am obliged to come to the wedding, you are my daughter“, has confided to his father. Words that have moved the brunette to tears.

Same atmosphere from the side of Shane with his dad. “I find it hard to condone it. I ice a little bit“, he admitted with his sound. And to add that he didn’t know if he would come to the wedding. He finally agreed and accompanied him to the choice of costume. Melody has been able to count on her friends for her fittings.

After having a discussion with Pascal de Sutter, because she was worried about not being compatible with Adrien to 74%, as she went to the town hall a little more serene. However, it has not hidden his big emotion before the encounter. Once at the town hall, the beautiful brown has made a strong impression with the mom of Melody. Her friends, on the other hand, were afraid that she says no. The reason for this ? This is not her style of man. And they were not deceived. “At the moment I find myself in front of him, it was not the big blow of heart. I see that Adrien does not match the physical criteria of my future husband. (…). So I am in a moment of hesitation, “said the young woman. He enjoyed the time he has seen it and has said “yes”.

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