Married at first sight: How the prod’ avoids that the families meet

Since 2016, M6 broadcasts the show Married at first sight. Men and women go through different tests in the hope that the experts found a compatibility of greater than 70% with a person of the opposite sex. The selected candidates are called and have approximately one month to prepare for their wedding with a perfect stranger that they meet at the mairie de Grans (Bouches-du-Rhône). Some of their relative are of course invited to this union. And the organization for the families of the two married does not meet face to face before the ceremony is well established, as the unveils TV Mag.

Our colleagues attended the wedding of Delphine and Roman of season 4, compatible to 82%, and have unveiled the scenes. So no one crosses before the wedding, the production has planned different routes for each close to “to guarantee, year of arrival to the minute“. On the way, the drivers were instructed to stop at points of precise position. At each step, they call the manager to see if they can continue their journey. “The bride and the groom are called ‘boy’ and ‘girl’ for not to commit odd, “says TV Mag.

The family of Roman’s arrival at 14: 30 aboard a van grey and have joined a tent installed in the courtyard of the town hall. “We will film your arrival in the town hall. It is necessary to remove your sunglasses and talk about between you, the natural way. And especially not of what happens around you, cameras, etc“, their a-t-on explained. Once the rehearsal is complete, place in the socket. All have an appointed place, in order of importance. The mom, the dad and the sister of Roman, therefore, were in the first rank. The same organization”s side of the family of Delphine before sti entry to the town hall, and the ceremony, which was thankfully ended by a “yes” for the two candidates.

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