Married at first sight – a Novel dad : how Delphine does she react ?

Between Roman (age 31), manager of a fish shop, and Delphine (30 years), host agent, it has been a big favorite. From their very first glance exchanged in the mairie de Grans, the two candidates with Married at first sight 2020 compatible to 82% knew thatthey were going to agree to unite for the better and for the worse.

After leaving the town hall, they began to get acquainted in the car in the direction of the photo shoot. Very quickly, Roman revealed that he was the father of a little girl of 6 and a half years of which he had custody of one week on two. In order to reassure him, Delphine explained that she had already lived a love story with a man who had children and that she loved the little ones. So she immediately accepted his situation. “I hope to meet his daughter in not too long“, she said. They then spoke about their passion and have found many points in common. And then they posed in front of the lens of a photographer, the situation a bit embarrassing for the bride-to-be.

Delphine and Roman were eventually reunited with their families, to celebrate their marriage. Very quickly, the young woman went to make acquaintance with his family, an approach which has much affected her husband. While she was reluctant at first, the mom of the beautiful brown said that she liked her new daughter-in-law.

Very quickly, Delphine took Audrey, a common friend to both families, in part to learn more about Novel. “You’re super well fallen. It is full of the joy of living, it does not take the head, it is simple, he is attentive. He was disappointed also. He believes he is sincere and he is really in the same search as you, “the she reassured. Once their marriage ended, they have lived their wedding night. Not wanting to burn the steps, the young woman asked Roman to sleep on the couch. A disappointment for the young man, even if he has not shown.

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