Married at first sight, soon to be a homosexual couple ? It is almost done

On January 6, 2020, M6 gave the kick-off of season 4 of Married at first sight. This year, it is not intended that two men or two women of the same sex unite in the famous mairie de Grans (Bouches-du-Rhône). During the press conference of the show held last December, the producer Kamila Fievet-Paliès explained for what reason this had not yet done so, implying that this could be very quickly put in place.

The production plans for a next season with a homosexual union. So she found a way to organize tests between persons of the same sex : “It still works and there it is, I finally found a trick to make the cast without difficulty.” Currently, the women and the men are summoned separately to answer numerous questions of experts and to pass the tests, in the hope of finding a person compatible with them. No chance that a participant crosses her potential future husband. But in the case where one or more same-sex couples will be(in)t built-in(s), the production is expected to create new workshops, so that the concept of marriage to blind man is observed. Kamila Fievet-Paliès has not, however, unveiled the technique found to ensure that candidates of the same sex do not intersect.

In January 2019, Kamila Fievet-Paliès entrusted himself also on the subject. At the time, no solution had been found to participate in homosexual couples. “We are not closed. It is a bit more complicated to carry out the tests of compatibility as it is not necessary that the candidates converge before the eventual marriage. From the moment you want to be homosexual couples, we must find another way to make a person cross. This requires to separate everyone and when you have several hundreds of singles, it gets more complicated. But there are solutions and we are thinking about. This may happen for the fourth gold fifth season. Or later, we can’t say for the moment“, admitted it in a TV Mag.

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