Meghan Markle and prince Harry not welcome in Canada ?

Canada, welcoming land for Sussex ? Then that Meghan Markle is already back in the country after a brief visit to London, to find his his Archie, she should soon be joined by her husband prince Harry. The couple has announced that it wants to take its independence – including financial – in relation to the royal family. A decision is eventually accepted by the queen. But this occupancy is assumed in our neighbours across the Atlantic is not welcomed very warmly.

In their press release, Meghan Markle and prince Harry had said that they wanted to share their time between the Uk and North America. If we had been able to think that they d ask their suitcases to Los Angeles, California, where dwells the mother of the duchess of Sussex, and where her career in Hollywood, it would seem that this is finally on the Canada that is posed by their choice of place of residence ; a country that the former actress of Suits, knows as well for having lived there for a time for his shoots.

During their recent stay in Canada, Meghan and Harry were housed free of charge in a sublime manor in Vancouver, belonging, according to Page Six, the businessman, Frank Giustra. If they decided to live a large part of the year in Canada, the Sussex will they have to find their own home, them who lived up to this at Frogmore Cottage in London ? In addition, who will ensure their safety and that of Archie ? This is where the shoe pinches.

Who is going to pay what ?

According to information from the Evening Standard, the canadian Prime minister recently re-elected Justin Trudeau had personally assured the queen Elizabeth II – head of State of the Commonwealth, and therefore of Canada, it was agreed that its government countries, half of the annual bill related to the protection of Sussex. Year invoice whose total cost is estimated at $ 1.7 million canadians. The site doesn’t lack to recall the results of a survey revealing that 41% of Canadians wanted the end of the current model, a constitutional monarchy parliamentary federal, to the death of the sovereign… Meghan and Harry can they count, like the other members of the royal family, the royal Canadian mounted police (RCMP), which already takes care of the security of the governor-general Julie Payette ? Surprisingly, the Canadians would be in favour of this position to be occupied by… Harry !

If English-speaking Canadians are more favourable to the maintenance of links with the british Crown, their neighbors in quebec are more divided on the issue. “In 2010, canadian taxpayers have paid $ 2.8 million to protect the queen when she made her tour of Canada. In 2011, it has cost us 1.2 million for the visit of Kate and prince William. According to the estimates, to protect Harry and Meghan could cost 1.7 million per year. Can you imagine how many medicines we could offer to the citizens sick with that amount ?“, writing in an editorial vitriol, and little subtle, the journalist Sophie Durocher for The Journal de Montréal. In the Face of the first reactions were mixed, the minister of Finance Bill Morneau has, however, clarified that no decision had for the time been endorsed.

The subject could very well be quickly resolved, since prince Harry has a tidy fortune inherited from his late mother Diana. As for Meghan, the projects accumulate… are they Going to afford to pay a private security ?

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