Meghan Markle : The cost of a massive build-up of her wardrobe revealed, what's next ?

We have the intention to abandon the role of members ‘senior’ of the royal family and work to become financially independent, while continuing to support the queen,” said Meghan Markle and Prince Harry on January 8, 2020. A real shock for the whole world, who attended the radical decision of the duke and duchess of Sussex. Summoned urgently by queen Elizabeth II at Sandringham, the couple – and, in particular, Meghan – is increasingly drawing the ire of the British.

To make matters worse, the Daily Mail has just published an item estimating the expenditure of the former actress of the series Suits, since his marriage with the youngest son of the late Lady Diana. Keep in mind that the tabloid takes voluntarily to red cannon balls on it, because many clothes are surely loaned by various brands who know that their will be free advertising. According to this log, Meghan Markle would have spent for more than 947 132 pounds (or 1 112 752 euros) of clothing since her union with Harry. Already on the day of the wedding, the dresses and accessories of the former actress tv cost near 457 470 british pounds (537 465 euros). But the duchess does not stop there…

Great creators, and articles of luxury, Meghan Markle does nothing to limit expenditure. After having paid out almost half a million for his wedding clothes, the american 38-year-old would have so bought for 732 724,62 pounds sterling (860 852 euros) clothing of any kind. Purpose after all, this is probably because the mum of Archie (8 months) – to return to his side-in-Canada – must-represents as it should be elegance to the English ? A wardrobe funded in part by the prince Charles , which covers all the clothes of the pageantry of his daughter-in-law at major official events.

Then she wants to return to working to be financially independent, it may continue to be displayed with such a wardrobe ?

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