Meghan Markle, duchess of Sussex : in the end, very few hours on his land

The name of Sussex is symbolic for Meghan Markle. As reported by the Sun this January 13, 2020, the ex-american actress and her husband, prince Harry does not have in effect spent a few hours in the county that bears their name. Information that may seem trivial, a goal which takes on a whole new dimension in the current context of crisis royal.

The duke and the duchess have only carried out a single visit in this region of the south of England in October 2018, five months after their royal wedding. Arrived for a first visit to Chichester at 10h42, the couple walked away from Peacehaven to 16h38 the afternoon of the same : in all, 5h58-minute visit in the county of Sussex. Before that, prince Harry was made only in 2014, for a charity event. As a reminder, the queen Elizabeth has bestowed the titles of duke and duchess of Sussex, prince Harry and Meghan Markle on the morning of their wedding at Windsor, may 19, 2018.

The fact that the parents ofArchie (8 months) only spent six hours in the county that bears their name, until then, gone unnoticed. But this surprising balance occurs five days after the prince Harry and Meghan Markle have announced their intention to take their distances with the royal family to become “financially independent“. Beyond unleash passions outre-Manche, this “Megxit shakes the very foundations of the English monarchy, to the point that the queen has summoned the prince Charles, William and Harry for a crisis meeting at Sandringham on Monday, January 13. The monarch of 93-year-old has lost ground in the face of exceptional circumstances and would have the firm intention to find a solution in the future so that his small his can now share his time between England and North America.

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