Meghan Markle : His father, Thomas willing-to-testify against it before the justice

Meghan Markle condemned never to know the slightest respite in the media ? Since Tuesday 14 January 2020, the high court in London focuses on the complaint filed by the duchess of Sussex, currently in Canada with her his Archie, against the Mail on Sunday. In particular, it has attacked the publication for violation of her privacy after the publication of the letter she had written to his father Thomas in August 2018. Which father could soon be at the bar…

Thomas Markle (75 years old) may soon be summoned by the justice of london. The much maligned father of Meghan Markle, who lives in Mexico for several years, has agreed to be cited as a defence witness in the case between his daughter, the Mail on Sunday ! Which is not near to warm up their relationship… He has already provided his medical records as well as several SMS messages and letters in order to regild his blazon, which is shown on a loving father who tried by all means to come in contact with his daughter after their fâcherie. Has fâcherie whose it was, however, originally since he had orchestrated a false paparazzade against money. Consequence of what, to this day, Thomas Markle has never met his son-in-law gold his grandson.

At the time of the plot twists surrounding his absence from the wedding of Meghan Markle and prince Harry in may 2018, Thomas Markle is said to have written to his daughter : “I’ve never done anything to hurt Meghan or anyone else… I’m sorry that my heart attack [which had eventually prevented from coming to London, ED] have caused it… the slightest cause and solution.” Yet, in its letter of five pages, unveiled voluntarily by Thomas Markle, Meghan Markle would have written : “Thou hast said to the press that you gave me had called to tell me that you werenít gonna come to the wedding, which never happened, because you’ve never phoned. You have ignored my calls. Thou hast left just before my wedding, worried, confused, shocked and without a vision on the result.

Lawyers for the Mail on Sunday have claimed that Thomas Markle – who is said to be “simply erased” from the life of his daughter – had circulated this letter to respond to rumors that Meghan had tried to pick up the pieces between them, as well as to respond to the statements made by the entourage of his daughter in the magazine of the american People. They have also highlighted “the enormous and legitimate public interest in the royal family including his personal relationships and the various members of his family“. Enough to convince the justice ? The lawyers of Meghan Markle have attacked the violation of her privacy, violating her intellectual property, as well as breach on the data protection.

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