Meghan victim of racism ? The question creates discomfort in the United Kingdom

For its support in the United States, the cause is heard : Meghan has been a victim of racism upon his arrival in the british royal family, precipitating his decision to retreat. An idea that the United Kingdom has trouble swallowing.

The debate is in any case open these days, after the dramatic announcement that prince Harry and his wife metis of their removal from the royal duties. And the idea that the “Megxit” has to do with the racism that creates the discomfort.

Yet, from the beginning of their relationship, in November 2016, prince Harry released a statement to denounce “the under-heard racist comments” in the press and the “sexism and the racism of social media” against the one who was still his girlfriend.

And who can forget the tweet of a presenter for the BBC, in which appeared, shortly after the birth of their his Archie last may, the photo of a couple holding by the hand a chimp, under the title “The baby royal leaves the hospital” ?

Danny Baker was immediately fired by the prestigious media public for having committed ” a serious error of judgement “.

“DNA alien”

Disturbing also the how of the sister of the conservative prime minister, Boris Johnson, Rachel, writing in the Mail on Sunday in November 2016 that Meghan was “genetically blessed” and would bring “a DNA-rich and exotic” to the “light” family of Windsor.

In Windsor, there was the faux pas of the princess of Kent wearing a brooch ancient in the shape of a head of black, a jewel recalling a colonial past and slavery, for a Christmas meal with the young couple at Buckingham palace in 2017. The princess had then profusely apologized.

However, the counter-attack in the face of accusations of racism towards Meghan was not long in coming : Priti Patel, the minister of the Interior came from a family of immigrants, has assured Monday on the BBC that racism had played no role in the indentation of the couple.

Priti Patel said she has “seen nothing” of such in the media coverage of the princess, and that in this ” great country (…) people of all backgrounds can grow in their life “.

Another type of answer : remember that the other women of the royal family, starting with Lady Diana, have also been victims of harassment from the media, sexism is becoming the main argument.

“Unfortunately, the media uses race to Meghan for the lambast “, acknowledged on Friday in front of the press, the expert in label and columnist of the Mail on line William Hanson. But he rushed to add : “as they (the media, editor’s note) have used the social class, down to Catherine, the wife of prince William.

“Toxicity” of the tabloids

Yet, the tabloids will sonta very quickly arrayed against Meghan, the baptizing “duchess capricious” shortly after her marriage with Harry and the treatment that they have inflicted has been far exceeded in ferocity the one reserved for Kate Middleton, today adorned by a contrast of all the virtues.

One of them, The Sun, the biggest selling daily newspaper in the country opened stis pages on Tuesday to have reporters who is choking with rage against the idea that “the Megxit” is linked to racism, under the title ” no evidence of the racism of the press.” Tom Slater to relate to an idea coming from “the liberal left “that” hates the Brexit, who hates the people and has come to love the members of our royal family on the start.”

At the other end of the spectrum, the daily newspaper of centre-left The Guardian regretted it, in a comment by Nesrine Malik, that the issue of racism is raised about a celebrity, to the detriment of the debate on the privileges. Without giving the time to seriously discuss the toxicity unique to the culture of the tabloids “, or ” turn to the right of our political culture and conservative governments-successive have consistently played on the rejection of immigration “.