Melanie Dedigama pregnant and “suffering”, his beloved Vincent to end

Through a video posted on YouTube, Melanie Dedigama and his companion Vincent responded to questions from internet users about their baby to come. The opportunity for the former candidate of Secret Story to reveal how she saw her first pregnancy. And in believing, the experience is proving rather complicated.

There are days where nothing mind me”, she says immediately, before resuming : “No, every day something annoys me.” And to recognize : “As a general rule, my pregnancy is difficult. Already in my life, of all days, when I am happy, I am extremely happy ; when I’m sad, I’m sad, very sad ; when I am revered, I am very worship. But this is x1000.” Melanie goes on to explain that her lover that she met on the set of The Villa of hearts broken over the past year was “a little evil to live“. A euphemism in the eyes of the principal, which says then : “This is unbelievable since she is pregnant, she is resplendent, it is the joy of living, embodied, calm, serenity… all this for what.” More seriously, he mentioned the difficulties that his beautiful encounters in her daily life. “Everything is in the extreme, it is hard for her, she is tired, she can’t sleep, you can’t go where you want… It is necessary to pay attention to everything“, discover-t-it.

During this session confidences, Melanie took the opportunity to tell more about what she has the hardest to live being pregnant : the lack of sleep. “It is a suffering, a psychological torture for me. I don’t sleep, I am very sensitive, so it is really not easy. This is the worst thing for me is sleep.” Fortunately, Melanie seems to have found comfort… with the food. “When I see food, I do not think the negative things, something that might annoy me, I don’t think about anything… It is the food and me“, she said retaining the smile. It is therefore no surprise that the pretty young woman has already taken 12 pounds in just four months… That’s not a problem, Melanie still finds the courage to show off her new curves on Instagram as of this Wednesday 15 January, the day of its 30 years.

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